How does the Zyosh system work?


Each brand sends Zyosh the technical information on its garments

The information includes the composition of the fabrics and thread and the recycling process for each item, individually.


Zyosh summarises the information

We use the information and process it on our cloud platform, encrypting it and encoding it in an individual QR for each garment.


We transfer the information to a special label

We provide the brand with labels that contain an invisible QR code that can be sewn into the garment.


Labels with an invisible QR code are integrated into the clothing

The labels with the QR code are sewn into the clothing just like any other label, so the end user will buy the garment with the Zyosh label in the store as normal.


The garment reaches the recycling threshold

The end user wears and washes the garment as normal. When the QR code becomes visible and readable by a smartphone the fabric has become polluting and therefore should be recycled.


The information in the QR code

Zyosh receives the information from the QR code (when it is read by the final consumer with their smartphone) and organises for the garment to be collected and recycled.


The end user contacts Zyosh

We send the instructions to the end user to organise the recycling of the garment, either as it is or with detailed instructions on how to prepare it for optimal recycling (removing buttons and labels, etc. at home).

Commitment, responsibility and sustainability

Since our inception we have strived to help develop a committed,
responsible and sustainable weaving industry. We seek solutions both
for the industry itself and for the end consumers.

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